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Three Horses

Phantom Training

The first step towards having a successful breeding stallion is training him to collect.  Stallions are trained to collect on the dummy phantom with an a.v.  Our goal is to teach the stallion in the quietest safest manner to collect in a way that makes breeding just another part of his job.  Phantom training includes up to 3 days of training and semen analysis.  Once a stallion is trained to the phantom he may have semen frozen or become available for fresh collections for your clients.   Ground collecting without the use of a phantom is available on a case by case basis, typically older stallions.

Fresh Collections

Once a stallion is trained to collect you may have your stallion boarded to be available for your clients fresh collections as needed.  For stallions who are boarded at the stallion station  notice may be given up to 9am PST/12pm EST for a collection that is needing to be collected and shipped that same day.

If your stallion is breeding a limited amount of mares or just for yourself fresh collections may be done on an appointment basis.  During the breeding season March-September we are generally able to accommodate appointments with prior notice the day before. For stallions who have never collected with us before please get in touch before this timeframe.

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Bringing your Stallions for Fresh Collections
What to Expect

Stallions who are fully trained to the phantom are generally in and out of the breeding shed in under and a half hour for fresh collections. 


Upon arriving check in with us in the laboratory and let us know you have arrived.  bring your stallion directly to the breeding shed where he will be washed and prepared for collection. Please bring a lead rope without a stud chain attached.  After your stallion is collected you may load them up and go and we will handle processing his collection, preparing it for shipping and courier to transporter.   

Step 1 – Stallion owners must provide a copy of their stallions negative EVA test/vaccination status 

Step 2 – Send us a copy of a signed liability waiver and credit card agreement form if semen is being shipped 

Step 3 – Contact us before a collection is needed with shipping details if we are shipping and we will schedule a time for your collection 

Step 4 – Bring your stallion for collection, that's it!


Once a stallion is trained to collect we can freeze his semen so you may store and access for an unlimited number of years.  We test and use a variety of extenders with your stallions semen to get the highest post thaw motility possible.   Your stallions frozen semen straws are printed with all the information before freezing.  Two option of straw size are available, first is the single straw dose which is 5 mL or secondly a .5mL straw which requires multiple straws per dose.  Once we are done freezing the desired number of doses you may pick up or we can ship your straws to your desired storage tank facility.

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Stallion Management

Let us take the stress of standing your stallion off of you.  We can manage your stallions breeding's from beginning to end including, marketing, sales, mare owner communication, mare veterinarian communication and semen ordering, shipment tracking, breeding reports and more.  Please contact us and we can develop a plan that suits you and your stallion.

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